Month: October 2018


Health Nutrition – Vitamins

If health and nutrition are at the top of your priority list (as they should be for all of us), a good vitamin supplement will provide you the best chance to attain optimal levels of both. The challenge is this: Most people don’t really know what a good vitamin is. Is it one of the many popular, over-the-counter drugstore […]

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Health & Fitness

Womens Health Fitness

Type in a couple of womens health fitness keywords into Google or any one of the many search engines and what do you get? You get some great sites related to womens health fitness and more There are tons of womens health fitness websites some are little more than advertisements but many others provide a […]

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Arts & Culture

Odisha The Cultural Capital of India

Of all the regional cultures, Odisha or the ancient Kalinga played a very conspicuous and vital role in the cultural matrix of Indian civilization. Situated on the eastern coast of India, it imbibed the quintessence of cultural traditions of both Northern India and Southern India, yet it succeeded in developing a distinct identity of its […]

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