Best Holiday Package Under 10000

With the onset of summer holidays and the unleashing of the little ones at home, many families are busy looking for an escape. The best way to not just escape but also to make wonderful memories – is going on the perfect vacation. Since a vacation is supposed to lighten up and de-stress you, it is essential for it to be light on your pocket as well. Read on to find the holiday package under 10000, and show the world that money does not buy happiness, you can be happy in the cosiest place with all your loved ones around you. The places listed below are one of the best five tourist spots in India where you can comfortably visit with your family within a budget of INR 10000 per head.


Also famously known as the Scotland of India, Coorg lives up to its nickname with the lush mountains ranges, soothing weather and graceful coffee plantations. Visiting Coorg can potentially give you a relaxing and stress-free experience. Being closest to Bangaloreans, it is, even more, cost-effective for them.  For a simple trip of four days and three nights in comfortable hotels with food and transportation, it will definitely workout as a worthy holiday package under 10000.


Lavasa is the most visited holiday zone during the summers because it is well known for the most pleasant climate throughout the year. Closest to the residents of Mumbai, this hill station is a famous relaxing spot for the weekends. Some adventure enthusiasts also enjoy mountain climbing, trekking, jet skiing and hiking here. For a three-day stay at Lavasa, you will not have to spend more than INR 10,000 per head.


Rich in its history and famously known as the pearl among all the fortresses in India, Gwalior offers a lot of fort visits to its guests. The architectural enthusiasts and photographers will love visiting the Gwalior Fort, Jai Vilas Palace, Gwalior Gate and Moti Mahal. Closest from the capital city, this holiday can be planned for three days comfortably within INR 9,000 per head including food and transportation.


Daman is the ideal place for those travellers who want to be a part of rich cultural heritage and at the same time, be close to lush palm groves. Yes, the entire place is very photogenic and houses interesting stays for nature lovers. With a three-day stay in the local restaurants, food and decent transportation, it will sum up to about INR 9,000 per head.


Closest from Kolkata, this hill station has the endearing Teest Valley to offer its visitors. The gorgeous churches, lush green landscapes and mysterious monasteries are the best picks in holiday package under 10000. This place also serves as an important place for horticulture enthusiasts. With nurseries and Himalayan grown plants, a trip to Kalimpong can be easily covered within INR 9,500- per head.  

After deciding the best destination holiday package under 10000 for your family trip, don’t forget to pack clothes according to the weather and remember to book plane tickets way in advance to save more money on to-fro tickets.

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